Project Redesign

Blog redesign!  Haven’t done this in a while.  Haven’t blogged in a while, and so far all of my attempts to get me writing more have crashed and burned in a delightful, smoldering wreck known as effing writer’s block.  It’s not just affecting my blogging.  It’s everywhere.  I haven’t written a single thing that wasn’t work-related in months.  And for lots of reasons, it’s slowly driving me crazy.

So, quick tour in case you’re new to this whole “internet” fad and you’ve never seen a blog before.  Everything that’s ever going to be posted on here will show up on this main page.  Things will also be categorized according to topic.  The categories are according to my favorite stuff: Food, Drink, Movies, TV Reviews and Everything Else.

I will be trying to post restaurant and bar reviews, recipes, drinks, etc.  And I’ll post movie reviews whenever I think about it.  I used to do “Movie Monday” movie reviews a million years ago when I was on blogger and they were a fun and easy way to start my week.  And right now, there’s nothing under “TV Reviews” but once the new TV season starts I’ll be reviewing a few shows for so I might as well post that crap over here too.  So yeah – if you just want to read about food-related stuff, click “food.”  If you’d prefer to read about movies, click “movies.”  Or just stay here on the main page and read whatever is going on up in here.  I should probably point out, though, that I haven’t really added a lot of category tags to old posts, so this is mostly a “going forward” thing.  Oh well, the more time of yours that I can waste, the better.  Eh?

The usual mayhem, whining, and idiocy of my life that used to be such automatic blog fodder will continue to fall under the category of “Everything Else.”  Because it really is everything else.  So there’s that.

The “shiny things” have stayed the same for like twelve years now and I have no idea how to arrange them or get them in any kind of order (don’t email me).  A lot of people are like me and only update their blogs once a century, so I might reassess what’s on there for now or add some more stuff later.  But they’re still shiny objects that can distract you.  If that’s what you’re in to.  Which I know you are, because you’re here.


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