Right now, I live in God’s freezer.

If you are located in or have even one friend located in Texas, particularly south of Dallas, you are probably already painfully aware of this ridiculousness.  But y’all, it is FREEZING out there.  And you may or may not remember my lime tree?  I’m desperately trying to keep it alive.

So  this unacceptably cold weather blew in on Monday night.  I woke up Tuesday to temperatures were above freezing but already in the lower 40s.  COLD*!  So I decided that I needed to go ahead and do what I could to save the tree!  It’s still rather small and I don’t think the roots go down very deeply.  I went to the garage to try to find mulch to insulate the roots, but no luck.  I had a half a bag of potting soil, so I took it, a blanket, and some duct tape out to the backyard.  I was on a mission!

Ok, I have lived in Texas my whole life.  I played in a soccer tourney in San Antonio during a cold snap when I was about 8 and my hands got so cold that I nearly got frostbite.  I cried and cried while they warmed my hands back up after a game, it hurt SO badly.  I can run around outside in August when it’s 100 degrees and sunny but I do NOT do well in cold weather, at all.  It’s just not me.  So there’s my backstory.

It was freaking windy outside, so  I dumped the potting soil around the base of the tree while the dogs sniffed around, really interested in what I was doing.  Now for the blanket.  My dad said just to wrap the whole tree with the blanket.  No problem right?  Umm…well for starters, the wind was whipping the blanket all over the place.  The dogs were in my face, being jerks.  My hands, even inside their toasty gloves, were already cold and stiff.  I was losing already!

Finally, finally, I managed to get the blanket tossed over the tree, long enough to get the duct tape.  Turns out, it takes more duct tape than you think to get a blanket wrapped around a lime tree.  Oh, also?  Lime trees are POINTY.  So now I was cold, a little out of breath, and all scratched up.  FML.  But eventually, yay!!!  I got the tree wrapped up with a blanket and duct taped together!  I’ve actually never done that before.

I dumped a little extra potting soil on the sago palms and RAN back to the house, making sure that neither of the dogs (or I!) fell in the pool on the way.  Success!!  BUT THEN…!

I checked from the kitchen and the wind was catching the blanket like a sail and bending the tree waaaaaay over.  Like I said, it’s still a small tree.  It’s only had one fruit-bearing season and even then only produced one teeeeeny tiny little lime.  So as much as I didn’t want the tree to freeze, I also didn’t want it to snap in half.  I needed a way to brace it.  And then, LIGHTBULB!  I ran back out, grabbed one of the plastic lawn chairs off the porch, and put it on its side up against the tree with on set of legs on either side and the bottom of the chair bracing the 3rd side.  I win!  And it’s a brilliant solution!  But unfortch, my backyard now looks ridiculous.  And a little bit redneck.

Ok, a lot redneck.  But we have a lime tree!

* “Cold” to me is anything below 55 degrees.  But it’s been below 30 for two days now and the wind has been ridiculous and I know that to some people out there, that’s April, but to me, it’s hell.  And if you’re thinking “Mere could never survive where I live,” you are definitely not wrong.  And that is why I live here. 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. klisauckis
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 20:06:06

    Goodness! You must really love that lime tree because it sounds like you almost killed yourself trying to save it. What a clever solution – but could you please post a picture? Because I’m thinking it now looks like something that might be in OUR backyard, oh child who takes after her father! 😉


  2. Mere
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 23:50:06

    Oh, ask and you shall receive: http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs782.ash1/167239_875989278597_29602008_46252448_458824_n.jpg

    Complete with a gratuitous shot of Rygel’s behind, apparently. 🙂


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