“I’m British. I know how to queue.”

I would just like to announce to the four of you who read my blog that I am completely annoyed (shocking, I know) by people at the grocery store.  Specifically, people in line at the grocery store.  Inevitably, I end up in the Most Ridiculous Line Ever any time I end up in a line, anywhere.  Unfortch, this is made worse by people who put their groceries on the little conveyor belt, then stand there and read a magazine (like a real magazine, not “reading a magazine,” sickos) so that I have no room to put my groceries on the conveyor belt behind yours.  Which wouldn’t matter anyway, because you can’t be bothered to lean over and get the little grocery-divider stick that separates your nasty and weird foods from my delicious normal groceries.  So then finally the conveyor belt moves enough so that if I’m standing at the end of the belt I can kind of start slowly loading my stuff on it.  While you’re *so* caught up in pictures of Kim Kardashian going to Starbucks.  And yes, I saw you leaning over the conveyor belt while you were standing there ignoring the cashier and being an obnoxious human being, so I did intentionally place a few objects where I knew they’d hit you as they slid by.  Know why?  Because I’m mean too.  But at least when I do it, I do it for a reason.

Also: Bonus points for anyone who can identify the origin of the quote in the title of this post.  Without Googling it, cheaters.  Now I know how Duffy feels.


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