Everything I Have Is Ghetto

Not really sure why I’m noticing this all of a sudden, but ladies and gentlemen, a lot of my stuff is…well, crappy.  It’s not so much that I’m completely poor, it’s just that I apparently would rather spend my hard-earned money on things like premium cable, clothes, my social life, and random junk.  I currently have a dented up car (THANKS, random hail storm and building that I backed in to!), dead laptop, and broken phone.  I used to have a broken camera, but that one I actually managed to get replaced (FTW).

So now D and I are playing “musical batteries” with our phones.  We both have Blackberries (SUUUUCK) and mine has managed to become ghetto, as my posessions are wont to do.  The little port on the side of my Blackberry where I’m supposed to plug my charger cable in has broken.  Awesome.  I took it to the T-Mobile store and the girl just laughed at me and offered me a new phone with a contract extension.  No thanks, beeyotch, this girl’s dropping you like a T-Mobile call ASAP.

Anyway – it took me longer than I’d like to admit that D’s phone works, so I can put my battery in D’s Blackberry, charge said battery, move the charged battery back to my phone, and then D can charge his battery and we somehow both have working or semi-working phones.  Inefficient, yes but you know what?  My contract’s up in April and I’m not looking back.

Then I’ll have a fun iPhone to make ghetto.  Yes.


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