I don’t have a microwave.  We had a microwave in our apartment.  It came with the apartment, and when we bought the house, we left the microwave in the apartment.  This actually isn’t a huge deal to me – I kind of like it, sometimes.  It forces me to take time to prepare meals and I have found that I am eating healthier with more wholesome ingredients.  All well and good, until

What is it with things that REQUIRE microwaving?  I understand if you buy a microwave dinner or microwave popcorn or whatevs.  Then yeah, you’re gonna need a microwave.  But last week I bought an awesome-looking frozen Shrimp Lo Mein skillet meal.  Skillet meal, here, people.  And D and I have apparently decided to go on Atkins due to our impending family vacation (WOOT!) so I decided to cook the carb-a-licious lo mein last night.

Cue the sad trombone.  Apparently, this skillet meal requires a microwave?  It was divided into like four different packets – one for shrimp, one for veggies, one for sauce, and one with noodles.  And the noodle package says, on the noodle package that was inside of the non-see-thru main bag, “FOR MICROWAVE USE ONLY.”  Well eff you too, dinner!

As I stood there, defeated, trying to figure out another way to heat the noodles while D laughed at me over his already-re-heated pizza, I read more: “Do not immerse in boiling water.  Do not cook on stovetop.”  And with that, I was completely out of options.  Dinner actually won.  I ended up eating a weird thai cup o’ noodles thing that I stole from my parents’ house last week.  Lame.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Katie
    Jun 17, 2010 @ 21:18:42

    I’m bring you a microwave in less than a week!!! ❤


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