Gimme Some Of Your Tots!

I would just like to take a moment to express my love for Sonic tater tots.

Yesterday, Liz and I were feeling the effects of Friday afternoon.  36 hours in to the work week, beautiful weather outside, and lots of random weird/sad/exhausting stuff still lingering from Mon-Thurs.  There is a cure for Friday afternoons, however, and its name is Tots.

I cannot describe the Awesome that is Sonic Tots, but I shall try.  The three-to-five minutes that I spent eating the perfectly crispy, slightly salty, and just-the-right-temperature was FREAKING GREAT.  I totally understand why Napoleon put his tots in his pocket and didn’t want to share.  Well, maybe not the pocket part but I definitely understand the not wanting to share.  My time with the tots was the best part of my whole workday.

Unfortunately, I still had, like, four hours left in my workday, during which I was slightly better than useless.  Worth it!


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