Mah Bike Don’t Fit

So I’ve been thinking about getting a bike for a while now.  Like a bicycle like kids ride, definitely not a motorcycle capable of flying down the highway at 60 mph without the luxury of a steel cage and airbags.  We’ve lived across the street from a park that’s part of a big system of hike & bike trails for almost three years now, and I’ve run up and down those trails but I always kind of find myself feeling a little jealous of the people flying past me on their bikes.  So?  I decided I wanted a bike.

It took a good long while, but I finally decided to get one for my birthday last month.  My mom and I went to look at some and we found one that’s pretty much awesome.  Super comfy, strong and study enough for some trail riding but still light enough to cruise around on comfortably, and PURPLE.  That’s pretty much the kicker right there. 🙂 Mom and Dad surprised me by paying for THE WHOLE THING as a birthday present, which was awesome of them!

So now my mom and I have a little problem.  We’re at Academy and we’ve bought this bike, but now we have to figure out how to get the bike – which is fully assembled – home from the store.  There is no shortage of transportation in my family.  I drive a 4-door Honda with a surprising amount of interior space, D drives a truck, and Dad drives an even bigger truck with four doors and a ton of space.  We weren’t expecting to actually BUY something today, however, so we took my mom’s car, which is an adorable but itty bitty bright red 2-door Solara.  It’s an awesome car but as it turns out there’s reeaaally not enough room for the bike and two people.

So we try folding down the back seat and using the trunk space, which is tricky because apparently there was a gift for me in the trunk of my mom’s car that I wasn’t allowed to see.  FAIL.  Even with the seats folded down and the bike on its side, the bike’s too tall to fit in the space from the trunk to the back seat.  Stupid car.  So then we try folding down the front passenger seat, thinking maybe I can sit in the back and Mom can drive.  FAIL.  First because we were parked next to another car and the door didn’t open all the way, so Mom drove around to an empty part of the parking lot and I rode the bike over (with the instruction manual in a bag still attached to the handlebars).  Still FAIL, because it turns out that the door doesn’t open that wide anyway.  Determined not to be defeated by the unwieldy and awkwardly-shaped puzzle, we kept trying.  FAIL, at one point the bike was stuck with part of one tire in the trunk, a pedal stuck between the front and back seats, and the rest of the bike hanging just a LITTLE too far outside of the passenger side door to get the door closed.  ‘Nother FAIL, now the whole bike is in the car but the bike will apparently be driving itself home because there’s not enough room for two human beings.  And more FAIL, because now we can’t get the bike OUT of the car to try something different.

This whole time, mind you, Mom and I were cracking up and I’m sure getting several amused looks from other people in the parking lot.  Whatever, they’re just jealous.

Finally, we conceded that we had no other choice but to call Dad.  We hung out with my bike in the parking lot for about ten minutes until Dad arrived in his massive truck, picked up my bike, and placed it in the back seat of the truck.  Yeah, you read that right.  Not the bed, the back seat. 😛

Anyway, it was a little bit of an ordeal but that’s ok – I now have a BIKE and it is AWESOME!


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  1. Klisauckis
    Jan 12, 2010 @ 22:36:26

    HaHa!! It was fun trying to fit that bike into my little car. And we almost did it!! If only we didn’t need a driver…………


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