Super Disco Laptop Screen

When Rygel was a puppy, he chewed things.  Luckily, as he’s grown this has stopped, but during his lengthy chewing phase he managed to get at least one of each of my favorite pairs of shoes, my iPod, and my laptop power cord.  He chewed nothing of D’s, mind you, which apparently means I’m his favorite but is little consolation after losing my favorite pair of comfy and cute work shoes to little Jaws the pug puppy.  This entry isn’t about my shoes, though.  It really isn’t even about the chewing of my power cord.  What I’m whining about today is that after replacing the power cord the new one sucks.

The original lasted a good long while after being chewed.  At first it was just that the plastic part around the prong thinger was chewed and missing a few pieces.  Eventually, though, there were exposed wires, the prong thinger was bent at a funny angle, and it started getting really hot after being plugged in for a few minutes.  Suck!  So to avoid possible fire and/or electrocution, I ordered a new one.  Unfortunately, this one seems to have issues.  It has developed some kind of crack in the hard plastic housing around the prong (I can’t blame the dog for this one – I really don’t know how it happened) and now only powers or charges the laptop when it feels like it.  This is obnoxious.  Using a handy trick I learned from the last power cord and the sparkler bomb boys, I have electrical taped the heck out of it to try and keep it steady, but sometimes it’s just not interested.

The real problem with this isn’t the fact that I have to constantly wrangle the power cord into a position that it is comfortable charging the laptop in.  No, the problem is that my laptop “helpfully” enters power save mode every time the cable disconnects a little bit, dimming the screen.  Then two seconds later it changes its mind and powers back up, brightening the screen.  Annnnd, repeat.  And repeat.  And repeat.  It’s like a freakin disco light.  At this time I have managed to find a way to hold the cable in place using an rather complex network of weights including my iPod, the roll of electrical tape, and the edge of the coffee table.  It seems pretty content to just chill right now but I know I’m vulnerable to the Disco Bomb at any moment.  F you, cheap laptop cord!  But please don’t die until I feel like buying another one.


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