The End of the Tunnel!

I should have posted this like a week ago when it happened but I’ve been a little bit in shock and haven’t wanted to jinx myself or anything weird, but that job?  The one I “really really” wanted, that was so much better than the retail-related one I’d been offered, that the competition was so ridiculously tough for that my chances were literally 1/400?  Yeah, I got it.  FTW!  And then I totally geeked out on the phone with the hiring specialist when he called to make the offer, I was like “Are you serious?  This is AWESOME!  I’m so excited thisisamazing!!gurblegurble(unintelligible)THANKYOUSOMUCH!”  He didn’t seem to mind, though, I think he was excited that I was so excited.  At least I hope so!

So I’ve been a bundle of glee for the last week, floating around and being just generally super excited.  It’s pretty much my perfect job, directly helping people who need it through a state agency, awesome hours, weekends off, which is especially huge since I’ve spent the past four-ish years in retail working pretty much every weekend and a lot of late evenings.  And I’m pretty much beside myself with the awesome.

My training class starts later on this month so for the time being I’ve got a little downtime to do…yeah, what am I going to do?  Well right now I’m blogging and watching a shark attack show on Discovery, which is pretty much an awesome morning, but in the past week I’ve already re-watched seasons 1-4 of “The Office”, done a lot of hanging out with the puglet, and knitted one and a half hats.  Now I need to figure out what “else” to do.  Thanks to being the new kid in the office I won’t have a whole ton of time off for the next…ever, so I am trying to find a balance between not going crazy with boredom and relaxing as muuuuuch as possible.  I’ve thrown out some pretty good ideas- buy a bike, master Bikram yoga, get certified to Scuba dive, get another dog to be friends w/Rygel when I go back to work, and solve the world hunger crisis, but apparently all of those things require money which, unfortunately, there isn’t much of these days thanks to two people and a dog living on one person’s income.  So instead I’ll be exploring a variety of cheap-to-free activities and also knitting a lot.  Hats for everyone!


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