Feast or Famine

Turns out, job searching is hard.  It’s not so much finding jobs to apply for, it’s more like making the right choices about when to accept interviews, jobs, etc.  The last thing I want to do is screw anybody over (especially myself).  I’ve cast a pretty broad net, applying with several companies in several different fields, everything from retail to health care, and I’m just barely starting to see teensy tiny returns on it.  This week I was accepted to a teacher certification program, got offered a pretty cool part-time job, was asked to interview with one of my favorite retail companies, and found out I’m still in the running for the job that I really want, which I thought I’d blown my chances on after taking their online assessment and being totally, utterly confounded by bits of it.  I probably shouldn’t advertise that part, but apparently I did ok on it so I guess it’s alright.

Anyway – I can’t do all of it.  So how do you pick and choose?  Does it hurt to go to an interview just to satisfy your own curiosity about what your life might look like if you decide to work for this company?  Of course I want to pursue my first choice, but in the mean time do I accept a backup?  It’s far from a sure thing, so it’s smart to have a backup, right?  But then there’s that thing about screwing people over.  I don’t want to waste anybody else’s time or energy to train me for a job that I’m going to leave after a short amount of time when the thing I really want comes around.  Work opportunities are feast or famine, apparently.  I can’t wait until things calm down and I do have some kind of steady work so I can write no fewer than seven awful but best selling novels and then just work for fun.  ‘Til then, capitalism can bite me.


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  1. thethoughtherder
    Sep 04, 2009 @ 05:24:22

    I hate job hunting. Almost as much as moving but not quite. Anyway a couple of things I have learnt is firstly always remember that you are interviewing them too, you are giving them a huge chunk of your life and they should be up to it, if not screw em.

    I also think this helps in that you don’t come over too desperate (part of the ‘you interviewing them’ process). Secondly though it is always easier to get a job when you have a job, the cyclical feel of unemployment sucks and its better to be out there working and looks better on the resume.

    Just my 2 cents…


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