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Well, school’s officially OVER!!  Feels kind of crazy.  I checked my final transcript this morning and yup – sure enough got that sweet little “all requirements have been met” message and there were my Summer II grades, three pretty A’s all in a row.  Combine that with my 2 A’s and B (thaaaanks, Prof Carter :-P) and I ended up with just over a 3.8 for the whole summer.  That doesn’t suck, but I’m not going to pretend it wasn’t maybe the hardest time I’ve ever had.  About 7000 miles of commuting (120 mi/day, 5 days a week) plus 18 hours of some of the most difficult coursework I’ve ever had, half of them “writing-intensive” courses, and I’m pretty much beat.  Kind of punch-drunk, I guess, where the adrenaline and stubbornness kept me 100% focused on just getting done for almost 12 weeks, and now that it’s over there’s nothing to do but stagger around, disoriented, like Rocky.  Yo, Adrienne, guess who just made summer school their BITCH?

Today has been the first day that I’ve actually felt slightly normal not waking up at 5:00 and commuting 60 miles by 7:30.  And it’s tempting to want to just sit and not do a whole heck of a lot but unfortunately the bank account is SAAAD and it’s time for me to go find a j-o-b.  Or at least to get a jump on taking off these lovely 12 pounds I’ve put on since June.  Seriously – that’s like a pound a week!  So I think included in all of that is getting back to the blog.  There might not be a ton of exciting stuff in the next couple weeks but, whatevah, I’ll find something to write about. 🙂 It’s just nice to be coming back to life after working like a machine all summer!

Much love!


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