Nobody Panic!

Yeah so I’ve been extremely MIA this whole summer, I know.  It’s been completely crazy, tons of class work and just making sure that I have all my ducks in a row (there are a lot of ducks and they’re all ADHD) for THIS FRIDAY when I will amazingly, miraculously, joyfully, FINALLY wander across the stage @ Strahan and be DONESKIS with school.  Thank goodness!

Unfortunately I have to stay focused a little while longer while I finish up the week, but in THREE WHOLE DAYS this whole mess will be behind me and I will have nothing left to do but the sickly sweet business of seeking, researching, and tap-dancing (or what my beloved former supervisor Adrienne used to call “the dog and pony show”) to try to find a job.  But that’s a whole different day – for now I’m just focused.  Two papers, three finals.  Three days.  360 miles.  OMFG. 🙂


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