Gravity vs. Shelf

As you might have noticed from previous posts, I am in love with Ikea.  I can’t wait to get a job so that I can fill our already-crowded home with space efficient, minimalist, angle-y furniture with cool names like “Sjrask” and “Voort.”  Back when I was employed, I purchased this awesome wall shelf to display some of our cool stuff on.  Nothing large or heavy, just some wood carvings that D and I have gotten on two separate trips to Belize, some photographs, and my grandpa’s Belton Tigers ball cap.  I had the shelf for about two weeks before I fiiiiinally got D to mount it up on the wall of the living room in what I thought was a safe place.

NOT A SAFE PLACE!!!  It turns out that when people are sitting on the couch it’s out of the way, but when people are crowded around our coffee table playing Apples To Apples (“–Things that are shiny!” “–The Challenger explosion!”) and maybe consuming a few beverages the location of the shelf became…inconvenient.  And when I say “inconvenient” I actually mean “that’s where Cam wanted to put his head instead.”  The shelf itself stayed on the pegs that hang out of the wall but an avalanche of my stuff came crashing to the floor.  Luckily Cam wasn’t injured, but this happened:


Really though, the fact that maybe the shelf was poorly placed became apparent when later that night D smacked his head on it.  So by then I’d had to move most things off of it because a) both wood carvings were broken, and b) it could barely hold its own weight.  Cam made good on his promise to fix the toucan (“It’s no big deal, I just broke a symbol of their love!”) and it came back as good as new!  D tried resetting the shelf on the wall, but it still hung at a kind of precarious angle and I didn’t feel comfortable putting more than just a few photos and a (never-to-be-lit) candle on it.

Then a few weeks later Androo hit it with his arm and that was the end of the shelf.  Gravity, FTW.  I can outsmart gravity for a little bit, though, so I went back to Ikea (like I needed a reason…) and bought cute little mirror things to go over the now-pretty-giant holes in the wall where the shelf had been (and been, and been) and I had D put the shelf up again, this time over the TV, six feet off the ground, where it looks awesome and nobody’s going to bother it because c’mon, it’s way over there and way off the ground!

Um, except for that gravity still hates me and my shelf, apparently, because earlier this week I was looking for my headphones and for some reason D checked behind the TV annnnd…yes.  Head + Shelf x D’s freakish tallness = My stuff all over the floor, again.  Oh, also?  Broken toucan.  For the FAIL!

In other news, I’m on WordPress now, this is freaky!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Camden
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 13:55:52

    That poor toucan has sacrificed so much for you. Especially after I gave him mono. I say “him,” because toucan sam is the only other toucan I know.

    Welcome to wordpress! Hopefully I’ll be blogging again, soon, as well.


  2. Pink Sun Drops
    Jul 14, 2009 @ 21:39:03

    Okay girls here it comes!! Our second Austin Bloggirls meetup tomorrow evening, Wednesday, July 15th, at at 6:30pm! Whoo hoo!! Check your email or the forum discussion for details!!


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