Heads Up, We’re Moving!!

So I’ve been slacking like a mofo the last couple of weeks, blog-wise, because I’m buried neck-deep in schoolwork. Seriously – it’s not pretty. My brain’s in overdrive and the brakes won’t be back ’til Aug. 14. Which, in case anyone’s curious, is in 45 days. Not that I’m counting or whatever, it’s just that I know these things. Because I wrote them in my planner about 100 days ago.

Right, so back to the point – my blog’s moving! New name, new URL, etc. There are a few reasons for this move, mostly because I’ll be off to the “Real Grown-Up World” soon and in order to keep it REALLY real on the blog I’ll need to be slightly more anonymous. I don’t want to censor myself EVER but I also really, really would hate to ever write something that reflected poorly on any potential or actual employer.

It’s all good, though, not much else will change! Thanks to everybody who has made this spot feel like home, I’m sure we’ll be just as cozy over at WordPress which I’m sloooowly learning to use. So if you follow me via RSS, link to me from your blog (you awesome people!) or something fabulously tech-ish like that don’t forget to update your bookmarks and links and doodads and all that stuff.

Check out the new digs here: http://www.thiswastedspace.wordpress.com. I’ll hopefully have it up and ready soon, but between school and my plans to be fabulously wasted for part of this weekend while celebrating my constitutional right to do exactly that. So ’til further notice hang out here, drop by over there, do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around. That’s what it’s all about, y’all.


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