Another Trivia Blog…

Dear Blog,

I went to trivia with the biggest assholes tonight. We had one of the most WRONG team names ever and when Duffy announced it as a co-winner we all just kind of sat there, unwilling or unable to admit in public that it was us that came up with it. Then all hell kind of broke loose and everyone started fighting. Camden was pretty sure he knew the answer to a question so I wrote it down and suddenly everyone was screaming. They berated Camden about his answer until his only defense was to sit calmly and whimper “Please don’t change it.” I’ve never seen a man so defeated by his friends. For the record, he was right, so suck it. And Mary had a horrible day with the crazies and lost her voice. And the Tavern changed their menu and got rid of corn nuggets and also half the stuff they used to serve, including their 35-cent-wings, what the fuck? Also I quit the team. And then some smart ass had the balls to say “Don’t worry, she can’t quit anything!” Fuckers. Then we came in third (with 62.5 points, that’s pathetic!) for the second week in a row because we’re in a brain-rut and the really annoying girl who looks like a giant ten year old goes “I think we’ve had (the trophy) more than anyone else!” Yeah, bitch, three’s a real record. And eventually I was lured back onto the team when they needed to know the name of the Grinch’s dog. Those people can be so sneaky. I love them.



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