When did this become socially appropriate?

Maybe I’m your grandma, quietly knitting in the corner and chasing away errant cats that threaten the sanctity of my perfectly-wound yarn ball BUT I was in a Starbucks this afternoon and this guy…I mean, his pants were a good four inches below his butt even though he was wearing a belt (WTF?!) and his red and white candy-stripe boxers were just hanging out for all the world to see. Like…I get that layers are in or whatever but that’s ridiculous. And I was just stalkery enough (and also probably illegal but…I was trying to get a pic of something legal and I just happened to…whatever you get it) to get this picture. WHAT?!

This is actually a little better than it looked when we got there, when we walked in he was looking through the little refrigerator thingy that has the water and Odwalla and stuff in it and he was pretty much mooning small children in their strollers. But seriously, what do you think of when you wake up in the morning? I’m gonna wear these jeans down to my knees because that is attractive. What?! Dear Dummy: You look ridiculous! You! Look! Ridiculous! GAH! NAW%*&HJ$@UE!1!!

K gotta go lie down before I have a heart attack.


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