Cupcake NOM

That one cupcake place in Lakeline Mall that used to be the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is AWESOME. Survey says: their red velvet cupcakes are better than Sprinkles’ red velvet cupcakes AND they don’t have those horrid wooden forks! And theirs are a little smaller than Sprinkles (Although they MAKE big cupcakes, they only had one variety of the big ones when Katie and I were there) and they’re also way less expensive. But yeah, it was a total cupcake win: better cupcake, better value, and you get to eat with a plastic spoon instead of those wooden forks that send awful chills up my spine because I find the feeling of wood in my mouth (HA! Ok I’m 13.) to be absolutely intolerable.

The only fail of the experience was that I went low carb/low cal this week, so I could only have half of my delicious, delicious cupcake. Everybody better go get cupcakes from them because if that place goes under I’m 100% blaming everybody else and also going to maybe die.


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