Diagnosis Win! (Extended Version)

I went to Target today to pick up a few things and I was carrying my little basket, meandering through the aisles, and I passed this mom and her three children. The mom was talking to the older two who were walking beside her but the youngest was maybe 2 or 3 and riding in the shopping cart. I’m not kidding, all he was doing was sitting there going “BAA! BAA! BAA! BAA! BAA! BAA! BAA! BAA! BAA! BAA!” and the awesome part was that the mom and other kids were just totally cool about it, chatting away about other things while this kid imitated a sheep for no apparent reason. Confused, I texted a few people asking what they thought was up with this kid and why he was acting like that. I got some great responses but by far the best one was from my friend Christina, who teaches a resource class in an elementary school.

ME: So I’m at Target and I just passed by this kid who is saying “BAA” like a sheep over and over. Diagnosis?
CHRISTINA: KAR – Kid Ain’t Right – that’s our diagnosis when we observe a kid and are like WTF!

I totally LOL’d in the middle of the picture frame aisle at Target. That’s a diagnosis win if I’ve EVER seen one.


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