Untitled Blog Post About Your Stupid Phone

So courtesy note to the whole wide world, especially people who sit near me in my classes, particularly someone in the class I’m taking right now, we’ll call her “Obnoxious” (since “Stupid” and “Trashy” are already taken): putting your phone on “vibrate” instead of “silent” or “off” is not the same thing. Because apparently your phone is the size of a brick or you’ve got a Thunderstick A-200 in your backpack and it’s rattling around in there loudly banging on the table while I’m trying to take a test. It’s just as disturbing as if you hadn’t turned the ringer off in the first place. I know exactly how many missed calls you have and that you’ve got a voicemail waiting for you. So do me a favor, hit the “volume down” button ONE MORE TIME, because the vibrating is just not gonna work. That’s what she said. Also I hate you.


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