I’m like 80. Get off my lawn!

It’s AMAZING the things we put ourselves through for clothing. I wore my black leather high heeled boots out last night for Amy’s birthday and OMG my whole body is just in so much pain today. First of all, they’re a little bit big and I tripped coming down my parents’ stairs, so I rolled one ankle sideways, bent the other foot really weirdly, and had to grab both banisters to keep myself from falling down the stairs. Then by 2:30 in the morning walking back to the car (uphill, of course) I thought my feet were going to fall off. So of course it hurts to walk because the bottoms of my feet are pretty painful and my right ankle is stiff and sore where I rolled it over, and my back hurts from trying to compensate for my walking different and my arms hurt from saving my life when I tried to fall down the stairs (gravity fail). I feel like some 80 year old, just get me a walker.

Oh and then I was so tired this morning I was still mostly asleep when I got to class so as I was getting all my crap together my keys fell between the seat and the center console and I remember thinking “Oh, I need to grab those” but I was pretty groggy so…I didn’t. But I locked the doors anyway. With the keys inside. Oops. Luckily my mom and dad have a spare key and my dad’s on vacation this week so he came to rescue me. Needless to say, I have a huge weekend ahead of me and I’m more FREAKIN EXHAUSTED than I have been maybe ever.

And now I sleep.


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