Off Probation! Yay, Grey’s!

I sort of have personal relationships with several television shows at any given time, and as some of you might know, the love/hate-iest is with Grey’s Anatomy. I hated the Meredith (Quit stealin’ my name, every show on TV!), then it got really good: I learned the awesomeness that is Miranda Bailey, Addison showed up, and “Quit looking at my Va-jay-jay!”, and then the downturn. FREAKING DENNY OMG, and Christina and Burke, AND Meredith “drowned” and after George and Meredith/Izzie/Callie I put Grey’s on official probation. All season people have been like “So have you seen Grey’s?” and I have to explain that I can’t judge ’til the end of the season because of the whole probation thing.

The verdict? Come smother me in your twisted adorableness, Grey’s! I’ve missed you! Best season finale maybe ever, considering how ready I was to pull the plug back in September. So yes, I will be present on the couch for season 5. Grey’s has officially been reinstated to “Good” standing in my TV book. Good show, show!!

Also, Out Cold was on this morning. Carpe the diem. Seize the carp!


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